Oladimeji .O. Awosanya also Known as "The Optimus" by is fellow colleges. He was born on July 24 and blessed with supportive siblings. Currently, he lives in Lagos, Nigeria. He’s technology enthusiast, Financial Settlement Officer, An Accountant, Video Game fan, Web Developer and a Sportsmanship.
He likes working smart instead of working hard. He has STRENGTH in the following area such Communication: He has unique skill to bridge common communication gaps between technical people and non-technical people including top management. Leadership: He is a person that always loves to take the frontline as a result of his zeal to impact knowledge and love to serve by taking up responsibilities. Strong Logic: In Accounting and software, this leads to his ability to create and work with complex Analysis systems and complicated algorithms (coding). In general life and work, this leads to better problem solving based on common sense. Trainer: He’s good at sharing knowledge and explaining things in simplified ways to other people. Some of his past experiences had proven his ability to train different types of people for various purposes. Learning: He’s a person that has keen interest in learning. He believes in the power of acquisition. He never gets tired easily on learning. He’s a person that can work without supervision, He can perform exceptionally.
His weakness is that is simple and forgives easily.
He likes Music such as R & B, Country, Blues, vocal, Sporting such as basket Ball, Soccer, Long tennis, Tennis, Chess, Tutoring, he enjoy reading many types of books from heavy-mathematical formulas, complicated algorithm to just some random comics and Movies such as science fiction, aliens, action, thriller, detective and Romance.
He graduated from The Lagos State Polytechnic 2016 with a Higher National Diploma in Accounting, also studying BSc. in Accounting at The National Open University. Base on his keen interest in technologies, he has taken upon is shoulder to complete a course on Web Development and SQL intermediate course at Universal Class and Udemy respectively. During his career path, he also learnt a programming language called Python (self-study) and tutor in all aspect of Accounting and computers.
 Currently, He is working as a Financial Settlement Office at Unified Payment Services Limited Seconded by Integrated corporate services Ltd from the year 2014. Over the past, He has worked with some companies such as Sumal Group of Company (Yale Food Ltd) as Biometric Officer, Zain Communication Ltd now called Airtel Communication Ltd as a Stock Control Officer (Contract) and  MBO Glorious Ltd as Computer Operator.

He Developed and published is web site in 2010 and also create logos for companies and individuals.

Base on his intellectual, the followings are the technical skills and when I started to learn them:
Programming & Web Scripting
BASIC – age 17
HTML & CSS– age 27
SQL Programming – age 29 
not very good
DHTML – age 27
PHP & SQL age 26/27 
not very good
Python - age 25, not very good

 Web Tools
• Self developed guestbook module using HTML &
• Joomla
• WordPress blog engine
• Facebook social plugins

• Microsoft Access
Other Application
• Microsoft Access
• Peachtree
• Toad (Sql)
Design & Multimedia
• Adobe Photoshop – age 28
• Adobe Image Ready – age 24
• Adobe Dreamweaver (2012)
Personal Goals
Nothing complicated. He simply want a happy life with his family and people that he care about, always in good health and no financial issues. As a bonus, he loves to travel, so he can see different parts of this world.
Career Goals
He is excited when the results of his work could help many other people to work better and more effective.
He would like to work in an environment where it is possible for him to have some sort of access to communicate with the end users of IS/IT products from my work.
My long term goal is to use my Accounting and technology skill to become a part of something big that affects many people. He could either achieve this by reaching top level career as CAO (Chief Accounting Officer) or CIO (Chief Information Officer) or CTO (Chief Technology Officer) in a respectable local company or organisation; or it can be as simple as working as team member in a major international company.